URI MENA 13th Annual Assembly 2015, held under the theme: “Justice & Peace in Religious Traditions-Refugees Rights” in Amman, 26 – 28 November 2015 at Imperial palace Hotel, Amman.   Achieving world peace is a distinctive feature of all religions; all of the sacred texts of world’s Religions call for justice and peace for humanity. Justice and peace jointly concern everyone on this earth; they cannot be limited to one group, one people, or followers of one religion. Also, we cannot have a comprehensive and lasting peace without justice. Therefore, we choose to shed Light on “Justice and Peace in religious traditions” in our 14th Assembly, where we will capitalize on our shared wisdoms and experiences as well as engaging the religious leaders and communities for our common efforts toward justice and peace. Also, we included Refugees rights in the light of growing number of refugees in our region. We felt the necessity of promoting refugee rights from religious perspective.   The assembly was attended by 53 participants (including the MENA leadership team) representing 34 CCs from 11 countries.