URI MENA represented by 10 members of Quested Peace CC participated in ‘A4A’ ACTIVATE FOR ACTION: SOCIO-CULTURAL DIALOGUE THROUGH SPORTS training course held in Manchester from 3-9 April 2013. The course aimed to introduce innovated tools and practical knowledge to enhance the skills of youth workers, youth leaders and trainers that will improve their work with less fortunate people, minority groups, and disadvantaged young people with linguistic adaptations and socio cultural complexities, difficulties and identifications. During the course, participants developed projects and associative strategies based on participation; explore the uniqueness and rallying force of sports to break boundaries and barriers between young people from various racial, sociocultural and religious traditions. ‘A4A’ introduced a number of priority practical sports project examples which participants are free to have as case studies, review, and examine for future sports related projects.   Twenty-two participants from five countries; UK, Pakistan, Jordan, Moldova, Turkey shared their experience in this training and came up with great ideas that achieved the following results:

  • Developed many techniques through the use of sports that help in reducing prejudices and breaking down stereotypes, racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, conflict situations which can be used by participants in their communities.
  • Use sport as a tool that help in including marginalized groups, especially women and minority groups in sociocultural sport activities that break down walls and barriers to socialization and cultural harmony.
  • Created awareness of the importance of adopting sociocultural dimensions in sport-base projects by encouraging participants to participate on an equal basis through inclusion of people with fewer opportunities in sports related projects and activities; one of the important priority ideals of European Commission.
  • Networking and building partnerships for future projects in support of ‘Sociocultural Dialogue through Sport’ through the Youth in Action programme.