Action Areas
  • Youth
  • Community Building
Number of Members: 10
Islam, Christianity

Catholic, Sunni, Shi’a, Maronite, Orthodox

Serving youth with a spirit of mutual respect and empowerment regardless of background

“Our purpose is to to improve the quality of life and find a better future for the local community through the comprehensive social development”

Mercy Cooperation Circle (CC) is a group of adults and youth that share the same goals and aspirations. Members are dedicated to relieving human suffering, developing the community and engaging in volunteer work to make their world a better place. They are willing to stand by the less fortunate youth and empower them through non-formal education, vocational training and creating hope for a better future. This CC serves youth with the spirit of mutual respect despite race, social class or belief. Their past activities include a football game competition for over 100 youth of all different ages and an Easter Egg Competition for school children to improve their painting talent, which members arranged at Schneller School with the help of volunteers.