Jordan Seeds of Peace

Action Areas
  • Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation
  • Youth
Number of Members: 56
Islam, Christianity

Maronite, Catholic, Orthodox, Sunni

Nurturing lasting relationships for peace

“Our purpose is to spread the idea of peace in the world, in our families, friends, and the region.”

Jordan Seeds of Peace Cooperation Circle (CC) dreams of going beyond international agreements and treaties. Members strive to see the human face of the enemy and nurture lasting friendships as basic steps for mutual understanding and respect.

Seeds of Peace sends teenagers (seeds) and delegation leaders (for each session) to Seeds of Peace Camps. The program is aiming at bringing Arab and Israeli teenagers together before fear, mistrust and prejudice blind them from seeing the human face of each others. By training these young leaders in conflict resolution skills, Seeds of Peace helps them become the seeds from which an enduring peace will grow. Furthermore, Ramadani Iftar for orphans and food distribution for the needy people where organized as well as workshops for Seeds of Peace delegation leaders and Seeds.