Jordan Interfaith Action

Action Areas
  • Youth
  • Human Rights
  • Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue
  • Peacebuilding
  • Community Service
Number of Members: 12
Islam, Christianity

Spiritual, Sunni (Ethnicity Cherkees), Sunni, Sufi, Catholic

Spreading interfaith dialogue principles among Jordanian youth

“Our purpose is to build bridges between youth inside and outside Jordan, by inspiring them to use the principles of interfaith dialogue.”

Jordan Interfaith Action (JIA) Cooperation Circle (CC) is the dialogue unit at the Youth Spirit Center (YSC). JIA believes in the culture of Peace and non-violence as language for dialogue and understanding. JIA also helping in building bridges of understanding between youth from different cultural, economic, educational and religious backgrounds, to break stereotypes and to promote the Jordanian example on coexistence and diversity.

“Our purpose it to promote interfaith and intercultural dialogue and social work and promote their concepts and importance through the community.