Charter for Compassion

Action Areas
  • Youth
  • Women
  • Education
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Community Building
  • Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation
  • Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue
Number of Members: 77


Sunni, Zaidis, Shi’a

“We are building a bridge between different sects and religious traditions in our region to solve the problem of intolerance in Yemen”.

“We aim to spread a culture of mercy, peace, and cooperation among diverse communities in Yemen.”

In order to transform religiously-driven conflict in Yemen, Charter for Compassion has gathered people from various religious and cultural backgrounds so that they get more acquainted with each other and achieve peace on the ground. Through dialogue, they become aware of the preciousness of diverse cultures, and people can appreciate each other’s cultural richness. Members believe that strengthening openness and curiosity for each other is crucial to pave the road for peaceful coexistence as it leads to social cohesion, friendship and cooperation. They hold training courses for the community, especially for young people, to acquaint them with peace, interfaith cooperation, love and respect of people, and to distance people from sectarianism and radicalism. They engage school children and university students in volunteer work and community service, holding sessions in which the participants exchange their opinions and listen to each other. They are also engaged in shared humanitarian activities, such as helping the displaced people because of war in Yemen. They provide physical and emotional support, being the only local group that provides emotional support for war victims in Yemen. Promoting a culture of mercy, peace and cooperation between communities in conflict is a highlight of their work. They have experienced how people accept each other and become friends when they talk to them.