Andalus institute for tolérance and anti-violence studies

Action Areas
  • Health and Social Services
  • Media
  • Poverty Alleviation and Economic Opportunity
Number of Members: 7
Islam, Atheist, Christianity


Creating a concept of citizen journalism away from hate speech.

“Our purpose is spreading the culture of tolerance through fighting and antagonizing cultural intolerance, racial intolerance, sexual intolerance, political intolerance (democracy), and religious intolerance.”

With the hopes of spreading a culture of tolerance in Tunisia, members of this CC arranged a meeting for 30 bloggers from across Tunisia to come up with a charter/code of ethics to ensure that they will not spread rumors or fake news, as well as not promoting violence. They also ran a campaign to spread awareness about the HIV (AIDS) disease, organized a rap music party for 120 youth, and spread AIDS awareness. They organized capacity building for newly established non-profit organizations, teaching them how to blog and publish their work on social media. This group’s most memorable moment was spending time with talented but impoverished youth, helping them create art. CC members’ future plans include creating more films about youth in neglected areas in order to have their voices heard across the country. They also hope to establish a radio show to unite the youth.